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 Story Title: Where the River Meets the Sea
Author:[personal profile] marzipan77 
Characters/Pairing: GEN. Daniel Jackson, Jack O'Neill, Samantha Carter, Teal'c, George Hammond, Janet Frasier, Tonane, Xe'ls, T'akaya and a few surprises.
Rating: T, one character death, not a main character.
Word Count: 30,500
Summary: Daniel's return from Ascension was quick - his return to duty at the SGC, to his family, SG-1, even quicker. So quick that he might not be finished. As determined as he is to get his old life back, he's not quite the same - the mission to help Ryac and Bra'tac on Erebus certainly told him that. While Washington is eager to find out what he knows, some old friends need SG-1's help - and they intend to help Daniel, too. Whether he wants them to or not. Let's not even discuss Jack O'Neill's reaction. Spoilers for Spirits, The Fifth Man, and Orpheus. Inspired by artwork by the talented sg1mouse. Beta-ed by the fabulous DennyJ. All remaining errors are my own.

Artwork: Where the River Meets the Sea

Link to AO3: Where the River Meets the Sea
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Title: Comb the Wind

Author: svana_vrika

Characters: Jack O’Neill, Daniel Jackson, Sam Carter, Teal’c, General George Hammond, Bra’tac

Pairings: Jack O’Neill, Daniel Jackson

Rating: NC-17

Genre: slash

Warnings: Very minor spoiler alerts for previous episodes

Word Count: 11,650

Artist: salad_scream

Beta Jennie_B

Summary: A member of SG-1 is stolen away during a routine mission, only to be found several days later in a rather unusual, and unexpected, circumstance.


-This story is an original work of fan-fiction. Stargate-SG1 and its characters, props and settings are the intellectual property of MGM. I just borrowed the lot for a few thousand words of entertainment. No copyright infringements intended, and I will make no profit from their use.

-Title borrowed from the translation of Fable of Polyphemus and Galatea by Luis de Gongora, stanza one: (

-Written for the Written for the [community profile] stargate_summer 2017 Reverse Big Bang Challenge

-Many thanks to salad_scream for her lovely, and inspirational, work of art, and to my beta, Jennie_B for tackling this. I touched it last. All mistakes are my own.

Comb the Wind
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Story Title: None So Blind
Author: Carlyn7865
Characters/Pairing: Jack O'Neill, Daniel Jackson, Teal'c, Samantha Carter, General Hammond, Janet Fraiser; Jack/Daniel
Rating: PG
Word Count: 21,300

Summary - Jack and Daniel are not in a good place. Will Jack see the truth before Daniel walks away?

Beta: DennyJ. Thank you, my friend. Any and all mistakes are mine.
Artwork: Eilidh17. Thank you for such an evocative piece.

Notes - There is a Welsh phrase included in the story. Thanks to Google for the translation.

Written for Stargate SG-1 Reverse Big Bang. You can find the story here:




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Story Title: Encounters on a Faraway Planet
Author: Roeskva
Characters: Sam, O'Neill, Daniel, Teal'c, Martouf|Lantash, Q
Pairing(s): None
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~13900
Artist: carlyn7865 (Thank you for the great picture)
Summary: An unexpected meeting brings promises of a great opportunity, but perhaps all is not as good as it seems.
Notes: A bit cracky and inspiration is a total rip-off of Star Trek: TNG Encounter at Farpoint with a touch of Star Trek: TOS Mirror, Mirror (for the aliens in my story)

Written for Stargate SG-1 Reverse Big Bang

Symbiotica: here and here (currently has two mirrors)

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Title: In Juno's Lands
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Author: [personal profile] beatrice_otter 
Artist: Major Cliffhanger
Rating: kid
Length: 21,178 words
Betaed By: [personal profile] tielan  and [personal profile] princessofgeeks 
Written for: Stargate Reverse Bang 2017 ([community profile] stargate_summer)

Daniel Jackson stands silhouetted on a ridge watching the sun set wearing desert robes.  Teal'c stands in the foreground, watching him, wearing Jaffa armor.  A large planet hangs overhead.

Daniel and Teal'c crash on a planet with no Stargate, and no way of surviving without depending on the Goa'uld-worshipping locals.

Also at AO3 and tumblr

ExpandIt was a landing only by courtesy, and also because of Jack who insisted that  )

ExpandAuthor's Notes: much grumbling about languages, names, and history )
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Welcome everyone to the 2017 [community profile] stargate_summer  SG-1 Reverse Big Bang!

Over June and July we will have a wonderful array of fics posted to this community that were inspired by fan art! The stories and art will be posted together and will include a variety of genres and ratings, something for everyone!

Thank you to all of our participants for joining in on this collaborative ficathon, what a great fandom we have!


[personal profile] magnavox_23  & [personal profile] eilidh17 
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For those authors participating in the Reverse Bang, the art claiming process is now open.  The post with all the details, including the links to the artwork, can be found in the Lounge. 

Only Lounge members can access this post.

Many thanks

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The sign-up process for the SG-1 Reverse Big Bang is now closed and invites to both the Livejounal and Dreamwidth Lounges have been sent out.  If you have not already accepted your invite/s then you should do so ASAP as all further challenge correspondence will be posted there. 

Please comment to this post if you did not receive your invite/s.

Information post for all participating artists will be going up in the next few days.  This will serve as a reminder to the image size and content rating required, as well as any other pertinent challenge information. 

A huge thank you to the 21 authors and 10 artists who are participating.  Your contribution to our amazing fandom is so very much appreciated.

[personal profile] eilidh17  and [personal profile] magnavox_23 

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Just a reminder that the sign-up period for the SG-1 Reverse Bang closes on the 18th of December.  The response thus for, for both artists and authors, has been amazing but there is always plenty of room for more to join in.

The word count minimum is 5000K but the time frame is very generous .  For those that do not know what a reverse bang is, it's where our artists produce a collection of SG-1 themed wallpapers and the authors use one (or perhaps more if we have a second round option) as inspiration for a story.   

Stories can be any genre and rating.


Want to join in?  We'd love to have you <3


The sign-up post can be found HERE!



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This is the thread to sign up for the Stargate SG-1 Reverse Big Bang as an author and/or artist. Please remember, you are not committed to the SG-1 Reverse Big Bang until you select a visual prompt during the claiming period, starting 15th of January 2017. Signs-ups close when claiming ends.

Artist and author sign-ups open: 5th of December 2016
Sign-ups close: 18th of December 2016
Deadline for art submissions: 8th of January 2017
Claiming post goes live: 15th of January 2017
Claiming ends: 22nd January 2017
Deadline for stories: 30th April 2017
Posting begins: 7th May 2017

The rules for the Reverse Big Bang are quite simple:


1. Artists submit artwork of a topic/theme of their choosing from within the SG-1 universe.

2. The artwork can be any genre but must be of a G/PG nature only.

3. Image size: 1024 x 768 Format: Jpeg or PNG

4. Images for the challenge are not to be shared anywhere else until the story your image was chosen for has been posted.

5. Manips will be accepted as part of a wallpaper but must be in keeping with the rating of G/PG.


1. During the claiming period, all challenge artwork will be posted to the Big Bang Lounge and authors will be able to claim via comment. All comments will be screened and the artwork will be handed out on a first come basis.

2. Minimum word count is 5,000.

3. All stories must be beta'd. A beta reader will be provided if you do not have one.

4. Posting commences on the 7th of May 2017. A date preference post will be issued closer to the deadline.

5. Posting of your story must include the image you selected, giving credit to the artist.

6. Authors who do not have a Livejournal or Dreamwidth account must be able to post their work to an archive that supports image upload.

Posting instructions will be uploaded to the Lounge closer to the story deadline date.

When you sign up, please comment with the following information.
Other Archive:
Your email address:

Please answer the following with a YES or NO. Signing up as:


Once you've signed up, you'll get an invitation for membership in this community and [community profile] sos_lounge ; this will serve as confirmation that you've signed up.
Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact [personal profile] eilidh17  or [personal profile] magnavox_23 .


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