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 Story Title: Shattered

Author: sg1mouse
Characters/Pairing: Jack-Daniel
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 57725
Cover Artist: eilidh17

Extra Art by: sg1mouse

Summary -  Mere weeks after descending, Daniel is the victim of a heinous hate crime here on Earth.  Jack struggles to help him through not only the crime, but his past demons also.

Genre: H/C, Angst, Slash, Multimedia, Whump, Limp!Daniel, Headcanon/Personal Canon

Warnings:  Trigger Warning, Rape, Dark, Non-Con, Underage, Suggested Suicide

NotesTakes place shortly after season 7 episode: Homecoming.

This story deals with mental trauma, and suicidal ideation.  Please read the warnings before you read the story. Also, due to time restraints, this has only been partially beta’d, so all mistakes are my own.

Thanks:  I would like to thank the following for help & encouragement: Mitch H., Solstice Winter & Sue Zevitt-McNiece.

And a very BIG thank you to eilidh17 for her wonderful cover art!

Story can be read here:

or at


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Title: Forward Distortion: The Day We Have
Author: [personal profile] campylobacter
Artist: [personal profile] eilidh17
Artist: csichick-2
Genre: Action/Adventure, Team; Romance, Het
Rating: NC-17/Adult
Characters: Daniel Jackson, Vala Mal Doran, Cameron Mitchell, Samantha Carter, Teal'c, Hank Landry, Carolyn Lam, Major Marks
Pairings: Daniel/Vala (other pairings require het or slash goggles, available for purchase at any fine department store)
Warnings: Non-con/rape [Daniel is forced to watch what appears to be a video of Vala being sexually tortured. Non-consensual scenes are R/Mature (implied oral, anal, bukkake); romance scenes NC-17/Adult (explicit sexual content); also depicts incidental characters suffering symptoms of drug addiction.]

Premise:The former team members of SG-1 reunite on Col. Samantha Carter's USS Hammond to bring the Ark of Truth to a remote planet off the Stargate network where a renegade Prior is rumored to enslave the population in the production of kassa. Along the way, Sam's tests on the Ark cause disturbing side effects involving dreams of events that Teal'c won't corroborate. And of course once SG-1 reaches the planet, Vala confronts someone from her past, while Daniel must helplessly watch as things don't go according to plan...

EDITORS: [personal profile] hummingfly67, shakespherical
STORY & CANON CONSULTANTS: [personal profile] cleothemuse, lc59
FRENCH PROOFREADER: lusitanianotter

Although this story contains spoilers for the Stargate SG-1 audio book "Shell Game" and the Stargate Atlantis episodes "First Contact/The Lost Tribe", you need not have heard/seen them to follow this story.

Forward Distortion Table of Contents

LOTS of artwork behind cut... )


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