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Story Title: All Those Who Desire It

Author: Fig Newton [personal profile] fignewton

Characters: Sam, Daniel, Teal'c, Jack, OC (with guest appearance from Hammond)

Rating: PG

Word Count: 12,500

[personal profile] roeskva created the most beautiful piece of original artwork!

Summary: Off-world universities, solar power, and a riddle of the ages… SG-1 have a mystery to solve.

Notes: Takes place at the end of S2, after 1969. Lots of references to The Fifth Race and a certain episode of S1. I used Stargate-level science in this story (that is, I mostly found information on Wiki or made it up entirely), and it is a grand old tradition to write Sherlock Holmes Stargate style"homages" pastiches.

Many thanks to Aelfgyfu for her careful beta skills, helpful suggestions, and title assistance.

at AO3

at LJ (in two parts)

at DW
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Title: The Ghost and Dr. Jackson
Author: [personal profile] muck_a_luck, posting in [personal profile] brainofck
Artist: [ profile] hack_benjamin22
Artist: [personal profile] mella68
Genre: AU, Drama, Mystery
Characters: Daniel Jackson, Jack O'Neill, Samantha Carter, Teal'c, Jacob Carter, Janet Fraiser, Cassandra Fraiser, George Hammond, Robert Kinsey, Dr. MacKensie, OMCs, OFCs
Pairing: Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill, Teal'c/Samantha Carter, Jacob Carter/Mrs. Selmak
Rating: NC-17

Summary: Dr. Daniel Jackson, Egyptologist and linguist, and his close friend, the dapper and courtly Mr. Teal'c, move into Gull Cottage, a beautiful home overlooking the sea. Dr. Jackson hires the local architects Carter & Carter, to convert the defunct lighthouse on the property to a library. Dr. Jackson quickly realizes that the house's reputation for being haunted by its former inhabitants may be well deserved. A beautiful woman bakes bread in the kitchen as a small boy plays by the fire. A man sobs inconsolably in Dr. Jackson's bedroom. And Dr. Jackson is inexplicably drawn to the portrait of the sea captain that hangs over the hearth in the drawing room. Did Judge Kinsey murder Jack O'Neill to steal his home and fortune? Will Miss Carter return Mr. Teal'c's affections? Will Dr. Jackson be able to make peace with the ghost of Gull Cottage?

Content/warnings: None.

Beta: Many thanks to [personal profile] cocoajava for her review and very helpful comments!

The Ghost and Dr. Jackson on DW
The Ghost and Dr. Jackson on LJ
The Ghost and Dr. Jackson on AO3

Mella68's wonderful art for The Ghost and Dr. Jackson (on DW)

Hack_Benjamin22's cool stuff here (on LJ)


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