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Story Title: All Those Who Desire It

Author: Fig Newton [personal profile] fignewton

Characters: Sam, Daniel, Teal'c, Jack, OC (with guest appearance from Hammond)

Rating: PG

Word Count: 12,500

[personal profile] roeskva created the most beautiful piece of original artwork!

Summary: Off-world universities, solar power, and a riddle of the ages… SG-1 have a mystery to solve.

Notes: Takes place at the end of S2, after 1969. Lots of references to The Fifth Race and a certain episode of S1. I used Stargate-level science in this story (that is, I mostly found information on Wiki or made it up entirely), and it is a grand old tradition to write Sherlock Holmes Stargate style"homages" pastiches.

Many thanks to Aelfgyfu for her careful beta skills, helpful suggestions, and title assistance.

at AO3

at LJ (in two parts)

at DW
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Title: In Juno's Lands
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Author: [personal profile] beatrice_otter 
Artist: Major Cliffhanger
Rating: kid
Length: 21,178 words
Betaed By: [personal profile] tielan  and [personal profile] princessofgeeks 
Written for: Stargate Reverse Bang 2017 ([community profile] stargate_summer)

Daniel Jackson stands silhouetted on a ridge watching the sun set wearing desert robes.  Teal'c stands in the foreground, watching him, wearing Jaffa armor.  A large planet hangs overhead.

Daniel and Teal'c crash on a planet with no Stargate, and no way of surviving without depending on the Goa'uld-worshipping locals.

Also at AO3 and tumblr

ExpandIt was a landing only by courtesy, and also because of Jack who insisted that  )

ExpandAuthor's Notes: much grumbling about languages, names, and history )
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Title: Of Rescue Missions and Invasions
Author: [ profile] sirwynai
Artist: [personal profile] pattrose
Fanmixer: [personal profile] crescent_gaia
Genre: adventure
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Jack, Daniel (x2), Sam (x2), Teal'c (x2), Cam (x2), Vala (x2), Jonas, George Hammond, Janet Fraiser, Various Naruto Characters
Pairings: N/A
Warnings: Third in Trilogy (Of the Sand, Of Loyalty and Morals), Ninja fighting, Naruto crossover, AU with clones

Summary: When the cloned SG1 decided to help Suna invade Konoha they knew it wasn't going to be an easy thing, but they hadn't expected a rescue from their originals to show up at the same time. Now they have another decision to make: are they staying as Ninjas or leaving as Clones?

Notes: I believe that you can get away with not reading the first story in this trilogy, Of the Sand, but you might want to read Of Loyalty and Morals as Of Rescue Missions and Invasions is the continuation of that.

Thank you to crescent_gaia for betaing for me, and thanks to my artists!

Link to the Master Post or Chapter 1

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Art Post by [personal profile] pattrose
To be Linked by [personal profile] crescent_gaia
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TITLE: Beloved
CATEGORY: Angst, Drama, H/C, Friendship, Episode Related
SEASON: One (immediately following Hathor)
WORD COUNT: 40,730

Betas: [ profile] ms_3m, [ profile] whisper99, [ profile] switch842 and [ profile] erinanderson

Art Post #1: click here by [ profile] kj_svala
Art Post #2: click here by [ profile] csichick_2

WARNINGS: (highlight to read) dark themes, language, violence, torture, attempted suicide, attempted rape. Canon mind control, canon drugging, canon rape. We all know what happened to Daniel during "Hathor" – this story will deal with some incredibly sensitive and potentially triggering issues, including discussion of PTSD triggers themselves and some statements that could be construed as victim blaming. Please tread carefully if you might be adversely affected by these subjects. If you would like more details before you read, please don't hesitate to contact me.

SUMMARY: Hathor is gone. The Earth is safe. But the victory has come with a painful price for the men of the SGC. Though Hathor no longer controls their minds, her drugs aren't letting them go without a fight. As if the physical damage she did wasn't enough, withdrawal manipulates their emotions, amplifying the most extreme. Jack and Daniel fight to to deal with their experiences at Hathor's hands, while one of them turns on the one he's sworn to protect, and the other turns on himself. But Hathor didn't leave empty-handed, and she'll stop at nothing to regain control of what she left behind.

Masterpost is here
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Title: Of Loyalty and Morals
Author: [ profile] sirwynai
Fanmixer: [ profile] crescent_gaia
Genre: Action/Adventure
Rating: T
Characters: Jack O'Neill, Sam Carter, Daniel Jackson, Vala Mal Doran, Cameron Mitchell, Jonas Quinn, Janet Fraiser, Teal'c, George Hammond, + Several Naruto characters.
Warnings: Some fighting and a crossover with Naruto. Also, a sequel to Of the Sand and will make more sense if you read that first.

Summary: Several years after coming to live in the Naruto alternate universe, it is time for the SG clones to take the Chunin exams. Not only do they have to go through several tests in order to determine their skills to become Chunin, they are also being tested in loyalty and morals as Suna plans an attack on Konoha and the SG clones have to decide whether or not they will participate in it.

Notes: Thanks to Crescent_Gaia for betaing as well as providing my art for this story. Also, I don't own either Stargate SG1 or Naruto and I relied on Naruto canon heavily for parts of this story.


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Fanmix by [ profile] crescent_gaia


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