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Community description:The Stargate: SG-1 Big Bang Challenge
Continue the adventures through the 'gate with the Big Bang for Stargate SG-1 (and SG-1 crossovers).

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• Stories should be 15,000 words minimum.

• There are no restrictions on genre or pairing. Stories must be primarily focused on SG-1 characters, settings, plot bits, etc. AUs and crossovers with other shows, including SGA and SGU, are permissible. The Big Bang will not accept stories that include sex with minors.

Artists and Vidders,

claim a story summary and then produce:

artists—at least 3 pieces of art

vidders—at least 1 video

Please read the extended rules for 2015.

The Schedule

June 13: Sign-ups for authors open.
August 5: Sign-ups for artists and vidders open.
August 15: Detailed story outlines and story summaries due to moderators. Sign-ups for authors close.
August 31: Summaries are posted for artist/vidder claiming. Claiming continues until all stories are claimed. Sign-ups for artists and vidders close when claiming ends.
September 6: Story outlines are sent to artists and vidders.
October 18: Final stories/art/vids for November postings are due.
November 7: First November story goes live.
November 21: Final stories/art/vids for December postings are due.
Dec 5: First December story goes live.


PM [personal profile] eilidh17 or [personal profile] magnavox_23, your challenge-runners and overall crazy people, or email eppur_simuove[at]yahoo[dot]com[dot]au

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