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This is the thread to sign up for the Summer of Stargate: SG-1 Big Bang Challenge as a fanmixer. Please remember, you are not committed to the SG-1 Big Bang until you claim a summary starting April 9, 2012. Signs-ups close when claiming ends.

Fanmixer Timeline
March 14 Fanmixer sign-ups open
April 9 Summaries posted to the community and story claiming begins*
April 11 Story claiming ends
April 15 Rough drafts sent to fanmixers
May 30/June 20/July 11 Final fanmix due in the queue for moderated posting**
*More information about claiming will be available at the end of March. Amnesty Week available in late July/August for late comers with additional fanmix claims in June; more information will be available in late May.
**Due dates assigned in late April/early May

Signing up prior to claims (April 9–11) will allow you a sneak-peak of the stories!

Before signing up, please review the rules.

When you sign up, please comment with the following information.

Your email address:

Are there any kinds of story you can't create a fanmix for?
(warnings, content, pairings, etc.)
Are there any kinds of story you really want to create a fanmix for?

For easy cut-and-paste:
<b>Your email address:</b>

<b>Are there any kinds of story you can't create a fanmix for?</b>
<b>Are there any kinds of story you want to create a fanmix for?</b>

Once you've signed up, you'll get an invitation for membership in this community and [community profile] sos_lounge; this will serve as confirmation that you've signed up.


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